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Disc Jockey in Austin, TX available for Wedding and more


How do you decide that someone is a great DJ in Austin TX? Is it because they know how to play and merge tunes or because they love to play for the crowd and enjoy their job? It’s likely the latter, which is where Austin DJ can help you! Avoid the commercial companies and opt for a passionate Austin DJ by the name of Zkosta.

Zachary Kosta is available for all types of gigs, including charities, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many other parties and events. Mr. Kosta deejay at corporate events, wedding, concerts, and many more! Call for someone who is creative and will make your party standout from the rest. If you book before the end of 2013, you will get a special discount too!

Do you need someone to help with your wedding? Maybe you want someone special for the office Christmas party or your New Year’s Eve get-together. Whatever the reason, we’d love to hear from you. Call us – leave a message if we’re not available! – Or send a quick email with your phone number and name so we can get back in touch.

DJ ZKosta (Zachary Kosta)
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Enjoy the Music and Atmosphere with a DJ from Austin

It doesn’t matter what type of event you have, you need music and this is where an Austin DJ is important. You need someone with experience and passion in music. You need someone who will be able to play for your guests and make sure the party is really started. Hire someone who will help you!

When you first think of a party DJ in Austin TX, you may start thinking about rave and rap music, this isn’t the case with us. Whether you want Gun and Roses, Charles Barkley or cheesy pop music, the music choice is all up to you. Talk to your DJ and go through the style that you’re interested in. You don’t need to bring your collection. With some planning, we will make sure we have the music that you expect. A great DJ will have a wide collection and not just play the music he or she loves.

What Will Your Party DJ Do?

Having the right music isn’t the only duty of a party DJ in Austin TX. A great DJ controls the volume level. One will know when it needs to play quietly in the background, such as during the meal, or when it needs to be turned up so everyone can party. On top of that, there is a lot of equipment to think about. The DJ will need to look at the room and choose the best way to set everything up and have the right equipment to make sure everything is effective. Your DJ will likely want to look at the layout before arriving to get a plan set up.

Professional DJs aren’t just hired for the music. Many are hired to do the MC at events, whether it is a wedding reception or a professional ceremony for awards. They will help to fill between speeches and help people know everything that is happen. They will help to introduce the next speakers, musical acts or even the games that will be played, along with making announcements through the night. They become the “Master of Ceremonies” (the MC).

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Having a professional for the announcements is a major benefit for you, whether you are hosting an award ceremony or a wedding. It takes a lot of the pressure off you so having an MC and Austin DJ in one is worth considering. Those who are nervous about making the speeches can know that they have the backup of a professional who can help them out along the way. They can help keep the guest entertained when the evening could potentially turn into a disaster.

And what about planning the event? DJs are great at coordinating different areas of an event and can really help with planning out yours. They could help with deciding on different caterers or drivers. This can often be the most stressful time for the event organizers so having someone there to help is a major relief. You can enjoy your party more, knowing that someone professional has it all under control. Many DJs have access to the best service providers and suppliers, due to the nature of their business. They will be able to network to help arrange the different areas of your event and make sure that you get the best.

But having a well-organized event means nothing if your guests don’t enjoy it. There is nothing worse than having an empty dance floor, which is where having a great disc jockey, is crucial. You need to find someone who has flare and the ability to get people up and help them have a good time. You need someone who can arrange games or fun dances and has the personality to work with the people attending your function. Some of this means thinking about the type of event. You may need to find a different DJ for your grandmother’s 90th than for your own wedding reception.

Can You Really Rely on a CD Player?

If you’re looking at keeping the cost down, you may consider just using a CD player, but this could cause more hassle than it’s worth. With a CD player or your iPod, you lose the extra functions that a great DJ will be able to do. You lose the ability to play requests as you can only play the music that you have. You lose the ability to really entertain your guests and make them get up on the floor and dance. A DJ will add to the atmosphere and make sure the appropriate music is played for the different parts of your event, which your CD player can’t control.

So, what about the radio? The stations play different types of music, right? You have to then deal with advertisements and the radio announcements that you shouldn’t have to deal with. There is the risk of playing inappropriate songs and they won’t necessarily play the ones that you want to listen to on the night. They stations won’t play the great party songs that get people up dancing and can’t help with your own announcements. When you hire a DJ, you can run through your options beforehand and talk about the style of music you want to feature – and you don’t have to worry about adverts!

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And finally, there is the lighting. One of the biggest benefits of DJs is that they usually have their own lighting. This can keep younger children entertained for hours, while also offering a professional and fun atmosphere for everyone else. By having a live DJ, you will add much more to your party or event and make sure the style is perfect. You will gain much more than the music; you gain the experience in other areas and an easier ability to get people up on the floor dancing to help them have a great time. Transform your event or party by hiring a professional Austin DJ.